Charlottesville Zine Fest

Coming October 19, 2024 

at The Bridge PAI

The Charlottesville Zine Fest is a multimedia community engagement project amplifying diverse voices through the creation and celebration of zines. Starting with a series of free zine-making workshops led by different artists in different spaces across Charlottesville, Virginia, the project culminates in a festival where workshop participants and other zine makers can share and celebrate their work.

What is a zine?

A zine is a small-run, often handmade and photocopied, publication of art, stories, poems, photographs, lists, instructions, recipes, reviews, anything. Anyone can make a zine. Anyone can distribute a zine. A zine is a way to connect within a community. A zine is a way to create community. A zine is a way for all of us to feel a little less alone in this world.